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Bringing The Power of AI to Designers

We’re using a state-of-the-art language model AI. It uses deep learning to produce human-like text copy for your designs.

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A new time-saver in your design toolbox

  • Accelerate Your Workflow

    Generate high quality copy in a matter of seconds. No more hours spent on mixing your competitors’ copy with your own copy ideas.

  • Fewer Revisions

    Having good copy creates a better starting point for discussing your design, meaning fewer comments, remarks and back-and-forths.

  • Charge More

    Relevant and grammatically correct copy requires time and effort. Saving your company or client this effort increases the value of your work.

R.I.P. Lorem Ipsum

Designing a website means finding a way to communicate a message in the most effective way. It’s hard to achieve this goal without the copy — the message itself.

It has been widely accepted for years that Lorem Ipsum is bad for your design, but no real alternatives were created. Until now.

How it works?

  • 1. Describe Your Project

    Fill out four fields about the company and product for which you’re a building a website.

  • 2. Choose the Content You Need

    Testimonials? Mission statement? Blog articles? No problem, we can generate all of them.

  • 3. AI Generates Your Copy

    cmd+v creates tailored content for your audience which you can copy-paste to Figma, Sketch, Webflow, etc.



Start Generating Copy for Your Designs

Onboarding beta-testers early 2021

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